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We allow every company to use our technology, customise their user experience to
improve engagement and increase their revenue.


Our API consist of 3 components: User analysis, content analysis, and a recommendation engine which merge the two previous analysis.


Target a percentage of your audience to see content recommended by our technology and see how your engagement and revenue increase.


We allow our API to be customized to improved the recommendations based on what results you are looking for.


Work with our engineers and analyst to find a better and customized solution of our technology for your business.

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Deliver targeted content and experiences in real time. Measure your results with our Dashboard.

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3 technologies, unlimitless ways of using them, one goal: Increase revenue and engagement.

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Learn how our customers use the world’s leading Recommendation Platform to deliver exceptional experiences to their visitors.

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We’ve compiled and organized a set of answers to the most commonly-asked questions about Freshfeed API. Don’t see your question on this list? We welcome your feedback!

How does Freshfeed count conversions?

Freshfeed API counts conversions based on unique visitors to your page, meaning that regardless of how many times a user triggers a conversion, Freshfeed will count it as one visitor and one conversion.

How will this affect my pageload times?

The short answer: no. Your site shouldn't lag, and any delay to pageload times should be undetectable to the human eye. We understand that even small increases in page load times must be taken seriously, so we do everything we can to make sure that Freshfeed's impact on your page is as small as possible.

How do I find more information?

Freshfeed API has a JavaScript API and a REST API available. If you'd like to generate an API token, visit and view our documentation here.

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